Dwarf Pond Snail - Galba truncatula

Alternative names
Lymnaea truncatula

A small to medium sized (7 to 12 mm) freshwater snail with a slightly turreted, conical shell which has swollen whorls and deep sutures. Surface matt to slightly shiny, with slightly coarse growth lines crossed by a final spiral striation. Thin-shelled, colour mid brown.

Identification difficulty

Wet places. It will live happily in still or slow-moving water but commonly comes onto land and can be found in wet hollows and even dried up puddles.

When to see it

All year round.

Life History

This snail is the main vector of the liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica, in the British Isles. It is amphibious by small streams and at the margins of a variety of wetlands and bodies of fresh water and can be very common in damp field margins where it may crawl considerable distances from open water.

UK Status

Widespread and fairly frequent in Britain.

VC55 Status

Fairly frequent in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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