Empoasca vitis


Length 3 to 4 mm. The green colouring with white markings on the head, pronotum and scutellum distinguish the genus from other leafhoppers in the UK. E. vitis is separated from E. decipens by the glassy, translucent longitudinal stripes, often blueish-looking, especially in median cell that run obliquely up the forewings (can be hard to see depending on illumination). 

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

This species can be identified from good quality photographs with care but there are similar species that it could be confused with.


Usually found on deciduous trees in summer and evergreens in winter.

When to see it

Adult: All year.

Life History

Hibernates in evergreens in the winter.

UK Status

A very common species that is found throughout the UK, and is often abundant.

VC55 Status

Common in Leicestershire and Rutland.

Leicestershire & Rutland Map


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