Eriophyes exilis

Alternative names
Aceria exilis

Eriophyes exilis is a mite that causes galls to form on the leaves of Lime. The galls are seen more frequently than the mite. The gall is a hairy hemispherical bump raised 2 or 3 mm on the top surface of the leaf, and follows the main veins. Below there is a small hairy swelling, but ungalled leaves also have hairs in the axils on the underside of the leaf, so it is essential to make surethat there is a visible swelling on the top surface. Hairs are white, later brown.

Identification difficulty

Adult Gall


Wherever Lime trees are found.

When to see it

Summer and autumn while Lime is in leaf.

UK Status

Widespread, but little recorded in Britain.

VC55 Status

Status in Leicestershire and Rutland no known.

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