Eriophyes lateannulatus


    Eriophyes lateannulatus is a gall mite that causes galls to form on the leaves of Small-leaved Lime. The galls are red 'nail galls' about 5 mm in height and with rounded tips.

    Similar Species

    Eriophyes tiliae

    Identification difficulty
    ID guidance

    The host plant must be identified - only galls on Small-leaved Lime (Tilia cordata) can be identified with confidence; those on hybrid lime (Tilia x europaea and others) may be Eriophyes tiliae.

    Small-leaved Lime has leaves with glabrous uppersides, glabrous undersides with tufts of hair in vein axils, and flower cymes held obliquely erect; Common Lime has pendent flower cymes.

    Recording advice

    The host plant MUST be noted in the Comments


    Only on Small-leaved Lime.

    When to see it

    When Small-leaved Lime is in leaf.

    UK Status

    Status in Britain not known. Thought to be fairly frequent, though under recorded.

    VC55 Status

    Status in Leicestershire and Rutland not known.

    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

    UK Map