Fallow Deer - Dama dama


Fallow deer have many colour varieties but they are typically fawn-coloured in the summer and reddish-brown in the winter. They have yellow-white undersides, white spots and a black line that runs along the back to the tip of the tail. The spots become less conspicuous or disappear in winter. Males have palmate (flattened) antlers.

Identification difficulty

Favours wooded areas, but sometimes on farmland in summer months.

When to see it

All year round

Life History

Life span up to 16 years. Prefers to live in medium sized herds. Young are born in the spring The 'rut' occurs in October.

UK Status

Introduced from Europe by the Normans and now well established in many parts of Britain and Ireland.

VC55 Status

In Leicestershire and Rutland there are park herds at Donnington and Bradgate and there are locally common feral populations in north-west Leicestershire and nort-east Rutland.

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