False Saffron Milkcap - Lactarius deterrimus


Lactarius deterrimus is a large milkcap with carrot coloured gills and greenish tints as it matures. A distinctive feature is the latex (milk) exuded from cut or torn gills, which changes from carrot orange to dark red as it dries. Spore print dull pink. Spores subglobose (flattened spheres) to ellipsoidal, 7-10 x 6-7µm, covered with warts joined by lines to form an incomplete network.

Identification difficulty

Usually with spruce but occasionally reported with pine.  If found under pine it could be confused with the much less common Lactarius semisanguifluus which looks very similar but associates only with pine.  Note also that the very similar Lactarius deliciosus also favours pine.

When to see it

August to October or November.

UK Status

Widespread and fairly frequent in Britain.

VC55 Status

Quite common with spruce in parks, gardens and churchyards.

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