Figwort Weevil - Cionus scrophulariae


This weevil has a grey or blackish body with a patterned ribbed appearance and dark spots on the elytra. The head and thorax are pale.

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Around the foodplants Figwort and Mullein

Life History

When disturbed the adult drops from the plant and is well camouflaged as a crumb of soil. The slug-shaped larvae are covered in very shiny, sticky 'glue', resembling a droplet of tar. This is very distasteful to both potential predators and parasites.

UK Status

Fairly frequent and widespread in Britain with fewer records from the north.

VC55 Status

Fairly frequent in Leicestershire and Rutland.

Leicestershire & Rutland Map


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Figwort Weevil
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First record:
17/05/2010 (Calow, Graham)
Last record:
16/06/2024 (Harding, Ian)

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