Heath Plait-moss - Hypnum jutlandicum


This species typically has a pale green, washed-out colour, and lacks any hint of brownish pigment. The shoots are 2 to 3 cm long and often somewhat pinnately branched, but the branching is rarely very regular. The leaves are a little less than 2 mm long, nerveless and finely tapering; they are strongly curved towards the underside of the shoot, but often less strongly so than some similar species of Hypnum. The stem is green. H. jutlandicum very often grows on the ground, providing another distinction from H. andoi and H. cupressiforme. Capsules occasionally form in autumn, are 2 mm long and have a beaked lid.

Similar Species

Could be confused with C. cupressiforme.

Identification difficulty

Often abundant on the ground in acidic heathland, upland grasslands, woodland, conifer plantations, tracksides and cavities between boulders in block scree. It is occasionally found growing over rock, especially on surfaces adjacent to turf, or on logs.

UK Status

Frequent and widespread in Britain.

VC55 Status

Most records for Leicestershire and Rutland are concentrated in north west Leicestershire.

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