Juniper Shieldbug - Cyphostethus tristriatus


    Length 9-10.5 mm. A fairly large green shieldbug with curved and distinctive pinkish-red markings on the corium.

    Identification difficulty

    On Juniper and increasingly on Lawson's Cypress.

    When to see it

    New adults may be found from late August onwards. The species spends the winter as an adult active in all but the coldest months, and mating early in the spring.

    Life History

    The traditional foodplant is Juniper, larvae feeding on the berries, but in recent years the bug has begun to use Lawson's Cypress.

    UK Status

    Previously mainly confined to southern Juniper woodland. This species is now common across southern and central England at least, due to the widespread planting of Juniper and particularly Lawson's Cypress in gardens. It is probably still expanding its range.

    VC55 Status

    Was infrequent in Leicestershire and Rutland, but is slowly becoming more common.

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