Kent Black Arches - Meganola albula


Wingspan 18 to 24 mm.

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

A fairly distinctive species, but records must be supported by images due to the scarcity of this species in our area.


Occupying open woodland and coastal habitats.

When to see it

The species flies at night from June to August, and can be attracted to light.

Life History

The small, hairy larvae feed on Dewberry (Rubus caesius), and overwinter in this state.

UK Status

A species which is mainly restricted to the southern and eastern counties of England, and parts of Wales. In a recent survey to determine the status of all macro moths in Britain this species was classified as Nationally Scarce B.

VC55 Status

A recent arrival in Leicestershire and Rutland but may be moving into our area.

74.002 BF2076

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