Kontikia ventrolineata


Usually 10 to 20mm long and 1 to 2 mm wide and oval to cylindrical in shape. It is blackish with two narrow pale grey lines close to the midline down the back. It as many eyes, but these may be difficult to see due to the dark colour of the body.

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

Please provide good photographs and retain the specimen until identification is confirmed.


In moist areas in gardens and garden centres, woodlands and parks, under stones and plastic bags, and competing for space with the native flatworm fauna.

When to see it

All year round. 

Life History

Feeds on snails and slugs, and possibly many other things it can find.

UK Status

A non-native species, but thought to have been in the UK since 1840. Records are few but widespread in Britain.

VC55 Status

Rarely recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland.

Further Information

It is listed under Section 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

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