Leuctra inermis


    Length from 4 to 7 mm with the female being slightly larger than the male. Leuctridae have a characteristic overall brown appearance, but in this family the wings are rolled tightly around the body in a tubular shape. There are other similar species and microscopic examination is necessary to confirm identification to species level.

    Identification difficulty

    Stream margins.

    When to see it

    Spring to late summer.

    Life History

    The nymphs of most Leuctridae favour fairly fast flowing water.

    UK Status

    Widespread in northern and western Britain, less well recorded elsewhere.

    VC55 Status

    Thought to be scarce in Leicestershire and Rutland. We are aware of only two VC55 records to date, both from the Charnwood area, although it should be said that stoneflies are badly under recorded in our area.

    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

    MAP KEY:

    Yellow squares = NBN records (all known data)
    Coloured circles = NatureSpot records: 2020+ | 2015-2019 | pre-2015

    UK Map