Light Crimson Underwing - Catocala promissa


Wingspan 60 to 65 mm. Similar to the more common Red Underwing and should be checked with care (especially the underwing).

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

In view of the rarity of this species any possible records should be reported to the VC55 Recorder for Moths and the specimen should be retained until his instructions are received.


Associated with oak woodland. The adults are nocturnal and can be attracted by sugar as well as light.  

When to see it

On the wing during July and August.

Life History

Oak (Quercus) is the larval foodplant.

UK Status

It is a rare species, with all but a few British records coming from the southernmost counties of England.

VC55 Status

Rare in Leicestershire and Rutland. The Evington record of August 2019 is the first for our area (VC55).

72.082 BF2454

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Leicestershire & Rutland Map


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