Malthinus seriepunctatus


4-5mm. The greyish brown elytra bear a pair of yellow spots. Scutellum black at base next to the pronotum, with yellow at the apex (tip) but it is often hard to see much yellow. Pronotum yellow with an “hour glass” shaped dark mark along the length. Sometimes the middle of this can be so narrow as to leave dark marks just at the front and back. When viewed from above the rear third/half of the sides of the pronotum are slightly bowed outwards or parallel and then sharply angle inwards towards the front. There is usually a thin light rim to the pronotum, that is normally very clearly visible and distinctive, especially near the scutellum and head. Black on the head is “Y” shaped with yellow and orange in the middle (the black is mainly around the edge of the head hindwards from the eyes).  Elytra punctured in distinct rows along the length. Legs yellow.

Similar Species

There are four UK species in the genus but these can generally be separated with care. M. flaveolus is the most similar but is larger than M. seriepunctatus.

Malthodes species are often confused with Malthinus species but one general way of distinguishing is that Malthinus have “Y” shaped heads and the head of Malthodes are much more rounded.

Identification difficulty
ID guidance

Your specimen should have these features:

  • Head: black Y shaped, front yellow/orange
  • Pronotum: yellow + dark hourglass. Sinuate edges. Pale rim
  • Scutellum: black at base
  • Elytra: with striae
  • Legs: all yellow
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May be found on trees and bushes or visiting various flowers including umbellifers and thistles.  It is also occasionally attracted to light.

When to see it

A summer species most likely to be encountered between May and August.

UK Status

Widespread in the southern half of Britain, less well recorded further north.

VC55 Status

Occasional in Leicestershire and Rutland with few recent records.

Leicestershire & Rutland Map


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12/07/2019 (Calow, Graham)
Last record:
22/06/2022 (Sexton, Timothy)

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