Molorchus minor

    Alternative names
    Spruce Shortwing Beetle

    One of two British longhorns with the elytra very short, leaving the hind wings extensively exposed, and swollen tips to the femorae. The other is Glaphyra umbellatarum. M. minor averages larger (up to 16mm long) with a reddish elytra bearing a pair of oblique cream marks. The femorae have darkened, swollen apices (all pale in G. umbellatarum).

    Identification difficulty

    Associated with coniferous trees, but may be seen visiting flowers such as umbellifers.

    When to see it

    Adults are usually seen from May until August.

    Life History

    The larvae develop in the dead wood of various conifer species (but do develop in broadleaved trees as well) and take 1 to 2 years to mature.

    UK Status

    M. minor is a naturalised introduction that is already widespread in areas of southern Britain where conifers are present.

    VC55 Status

    Scarce in VC55. There were 8 records for this species up until March 2015 but the June 2018 record appears to be the first since the 1970's.

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