Mung Moth - Maruca vitrata


Wingspan 28 to 34 mm. A distinctive species.

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

A rare species in VC55. Please provide a photograph and retain moth until identification is confirmed.


A very rare vagrant or adventive species, possibly imported from the Tropics in leguminous vegetables. 

When to see it

Probably most likely to be recorded in summer or autumn, but could possibly occur at any time of year.

Life History

Abroad, it is a pest of leguminous plants, where the larvae bore into the pods.

UK Status

There have only been a handful of records in Britain, mainly in southern England, but also recorded as far north as Cheshire.

VC55 Status

First record for Leicestershire and Rutland came from a Carlton garden near Market Bosworth on 08/10/2021.

63.045 BF1401

Leicestershire & Rutland Map


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