Nomada ferruginata


    This Nomad bee has a red abdomen with yellow flashes at the sides. It has dull yellow legs with dark femora. It lacks stripes on the thorax and has a pair of bright yellow tubercles on the pronotum near to the wing bases.  These tubercles and the entirely black antennal scapes (first segments) separate them from other Nomad bees with reddish abdomens

    Similar Species

    Nomada ferruginata is similar to N. striata but it can be distinguished by the brighter yellow pronotal tubercles and lighter antennae. N. ferruginata also lacks the red marks on the mesonotum which are usually obvious on N. striata.

    Identification difficulty

    Low vegetation around dry soils where its host bee nests.

    When to see it

    Mainly during March and April - to coincide with the breeding of its host bee Andrena praecox.

    Life History

    As with all Nomada bees, it is parasitic on solitary bees, usualy Andrena species. The host species of N. ferruginata is Andrena praecox. A.praecox is a rather uncommon mining bee and normally found in areas containing sufficient Willows as females are very dependent on Willow catkins for pollen in March and April.

    UK Status

    Rare in England but may be increasing.

    VC55 Status

    Rare in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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