Blunthorn Nomad Bee - Nomada flavopicta


Length 8-11mm. This a medium sized black and yellow Nomad Bee. The abdomen has yellow markings almost merging on T1, then widely separated on T2 and T3. There are two yellow marks on the scutellum, and the tegulae, pronotal turbercles and collar are also yellow. The antennae are almost completely black. The lower face is yellow in the male and orange in the female. The legs are mostly orange with some darkening of the femora in males.

Identification difficulty

Flower rich grassland where the host bee species are found.

When to see it

Late June to mid Spetember.

Life History

A kleptoparasite of Blunthorn Bees (Melitta species).

Note that no Melitta species have yet been recorded in VC55, however the record of Nomada flavopicta suggests that they are present and should be watched for.

UK Status

Found across England and Wales as far north as Yorkshire. It is scarce in most areas apart from strongholds like the North and South downs.

VC55 Status

The record of 22.vii.2018 is the first for Leicestershire and Rutland.

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