Oak Jewel Beetle - Agrilus biguttatus

    Alt Name
    Two-spotted Oak Buprestid

    It is similar to some other members of the genus with shiny metallic looking elytra, but the elytra of Agrilus biguttatus are rounded at the tips, and there is only one white scaly patch on each elytron somewhere at the end of the second third and beginning of the last third. No other white scaly patches are located on the elytra.

    Identification difficulty

    Associated with ancient oak.

    When to see it

    May to November.

    Life History

    The larva of Agrilus biguttatus develops exclusively in different species of oak. After hatching the beetles feed on the oak foliage in the crowns of the trees. In sunny and warm weather the beetles sit on the leaves of the breeding trees, or on trunks or bushes and trees nearby. They are not found on blossoms. They fly very well and reach new breeding trees in this way. The beetle's lifespan is about three weeks.

    UK Status

    An uncommon beetle in Britain, though thought to be increasing in numbers here. It is found mainly in the south Midlands and south eastern England.

    VC55 Status

    Uncommon in Leicestershire and Rutland. There were only 7 VC55 records for this species up to March 2015.

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    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

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