Orthotylus marginalis


The genus Orthotylus contains several mainly green bugs which are very hard to separate with photographs. Noting the hostplant can be helpful, but a specimen is better. O. marginalis is about 6mm in length with a dense covering of pale hairs. The first antennal segment is brownish and the veins on the wing membranes are green. Genitalia: left clasper large, protruding from tip of abdomen, resembling a two-pronged pitchfork.

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When to see it

June to August.

Life History

Feeds on both plant and animal material. There is one generation per year and the species overwinters as an egg.

UK Status

Very common.

VC55 Status

Common but under-recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland. There were 4 records before the 8th June 2018 record.

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