Pebble Prominent - Notodonta ziczac


    Wingspan 40-45 mm. Typical of the Prominents in outline but with a fairly pale brown wing that has a ringed 'eye-like' pattern near the tip.

    Identification difficulty

    It frequents a range of habitats but has a preference for damper localities, where the caterpillars feed on Willow and Poplar.

    When to see it

    Appearing as an adult between May and August in either one or two broods depending on latitude.

    Life History

    The caterpillar is greyish or brownish and, like most of the Prominents, feeds with the tail segment held up in the air.

    UK Status

    A fairly common species, occurring throughout the British Isles. In a recent survey to determine the status of all macro moths in Britain this species was classified as common.

    VC55 Status

    It is fairly common in Leicestershire and Rutland. L&R Moth Group status = A (common and resident)

    71.013 BF2003

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    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

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