Philonthus carbonarius


7-8mm. Black but with a green metallic sheen on the elytra. The legs and palps are dark brown.

Similar Species

This looks like a smaller version of P. cognatus but lacks the bicolour (brown+yellow)of the first antennal segment.

Identification difficulty
ID guidance
  • 7-8mm
  • black with shining metallic green elytra
  • first antennal segment entirely black
  • pronotum with a dorsal series of four punctures
  • line at base of abdominal tergites relatively straight
Recording advice

Unless identified by a recognised expert, a photo is required and the specimen should be examined with a microscope. In the comments box, state the key or ID method used and describe the size and identifying characters.


Commonly found in open woodland and heath-grassland.

Life History

Often found with Philonthus cognatus.

UK Status

Widespread and fairly frequent over much of Britain.

VC55 Status

Fairly common in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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