Physiphora alceae


One of two clear-winged Ulidiids in Britain (the other is Ulidia erythrophthalma). Physiphora alceae usually has a metallic-green thorax, concave face profile and pale fore tarsi. The eyes can appear green and purple-banded in live specimens.

Similar Species

Ulidia erythrophthalma. The antennae of U. erythrophthalma are recessed into large pits.

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

May be identifiable from good close up images but best to examine the specimen closely.


Well vegetated field margins and dung heaps.

When to see it

Adults can be recorded from May until September.

Life History

The larvae develop in decaying plant material such as silage, clover fodder and rotting bulbs. It also seems to breed in dung, perhaps especially manure heaps in fields (around which it can be noticeably numerous).

UK Status

Widespread in southern England north to the Sheffield area.

VC55 Status

Rarely recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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