Plaited Door Snail - Cochlodina laminata


    Up to 18mm long with a red-brown barrel shaped but strongly tapering shell. The aperture is pear-shaped with strong parietal and columellar lamellae.

    Similar Species

    The commonly found Clausilia bidentata is a similar shape but generally smaller with deeper and more prominent striations on its shell. It is generally less glossy and brown to grey in colour.

    Identification difficulty

    Old, established woodlands

    When to see it

    All year.

    Life History

    The snail is often found on tree trunks where it feeds on algae and other vegetation. Usually seen ascending the trunks of smooth-boled trees after rain.

    UK Status

    Relatively common and widespread in the south of the UK.

    VC55 Status

    Uncommon or under-recorded in VC55.

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