Platydracus stercorarius


An impressive and colourful Rove Beetle, P stercorarius is also quite a large species reaching 2 cm or more in length. The legs and elytra are rust red, whilst the head, thorax and abdomen are mainly black. The head is very square at the back and there are bands of pale pubescence on the apical abdominal segments.

Identification difficulty

A species of extensive habitats on damp but well drained soils. Often on bare ground mosaics exposed to the sun.

When to see it

All year round peaking July to September.

UK Status

Widespread and fairly frequent in Britain.

VC55 Status

It appears to have become more frequent in Leicestershire and Rutland since the 1980s. There were a total of 39 VC55 records for this species up to March 2015.

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Leicestershire & Rutland Map


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