Polymerus unifasciatus


Length about 6 mm. Polymerus species are medium-sized bugs which are predominantly black or black and yellow in colour. The upper surface is covered in scale-like golden or silver hairs and the tibiae bear strong black spines. In Polymerus unifasciatus the pronotum is mostly black, with the rear margin narrowly yellow. The corium is largely yellow; this extends to both the lateral margins and the boundary with the clavus. Note that populations from Yorkshire northwards belong to the variation lateralis, which has reduced yellow markings on the corium and feeds on heath bedstraw.

Identification difficulty

Usually found in association with bedstraws (Galium sp.) in a variety of habitats.

When to see it

Adult: June to September.

UK Status

A widespread but rather local species.

VC55 Status

Status in Leicestershire and Rutland not known.

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27/09/2018 (Calow, Graham)
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11/07/2022 (Sexton, Timothy)

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