Psilochorus simoni


    2 to 3 mm long. Prosoma yellowish to light brown, slightly darkened in the middle. Legs yellowish to light brown. Opisthosoma bluish grey, egg-shaped or globular.

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    Most early records were from dry wine cellars, but it is now recorded in other indoor situations.

    When to see it

    Adults may be found at all seasons.

    Life History

    The female hangs upside down in a tangled sheet web and gyrates very rapidly if disturbed. She carries the bundle of eggs in her chelicerae, loosely surrounded by silk threads, until they hatch. It is thought to be of American origin, imported first into France and then into Britain on wine bottles. 

    UK Status

    Widespread but scattered in Britain. 

    VC55 Status

    Few records for Leicestershire and Rutland, easily confused with Pholcus phalangioides but possibly increasing in frequency. 

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