Red Kite - Milvus milvus


    This magnificently graceful bird of prey is unmistakable with its reddish-brown body, angled wings and deeply forked tail.

    Identification difficulty

    Central Wales, central England - especially the Chilterns, central Scotland - at Argaty and along the Galloway Kite Trail are the best areas to find them.

    When to see it

    All year round.

    Life History

    Feeds on carrion, worms and small mammals.

    UK Status

    It was saved from national extinction by one of the world's longest running protection programmes, and has now been successfully re-introduced to England and Scotland. It is an Amber List species because of its historical decline. At one time confined to Wales, a reintroduction scheme has brought them back to many parts of England and Scotland.

    VC55 Status

    Well established in the east of Leicestershire and in Rutland, and gradually expanding westwards.

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    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

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    Yellow squares = NBN records (all known data)
    Coloured circles = NatureSpot records: 2020+ | 2015-2019 | pre-2015

    UK Map