Rose-coloured Starling - Pastor roseus

Alternative names
Rosy Starling

This species is unmistakable in adult plumage: a combination of pink mantle, scapulars and underparts and black head, throat, wings and tail gives it a striking appearance. Adult males show a shaggy crest which can be erected when breeding. Females also have a crest, but this is shorter. Young birds are a sandy brown or pale buff colour.

Identification difficulty

Adult Juvenile  

Recording advice

Records should be supported by a photograph showing the necessary detail.


An infrequent visitor to our shores which may occur in various habitats including gardens.

When to see it

Every few years there are numbers of this gaudy relative of the Starling seen in western Europe from late May/early June onwards and now and again a number of them get to the UK – 2020 seems to be a particularly good year for them in Britain.

UK Status

Occasional migrant to Britain.

VC55 Status

Rarely recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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