Slavonian Grebe - Podiceps auritus


In summer plumage the long orange head plumes, reddish flanks, and white in the wing distinguish the Slavonian from the smaller, dumpier Little Grebe. A Black-necked Grebe would have a completely black neck and obviously up-tilted bill. In winter plumage, the white neck and cheeks would eliminate Little Grebe and the neat contrast between the clean white cheeks and the dark crown would, along with the bill shape, rule out Black-necked Grebe.

Identification difficulty

Breeds on vegetated lochs and lakes. Winters on estuaries, coasts and also on inland water bodies

When to see it

They arrive back at their breeding sites in Scotland in March and April, leaving again in late summer. Found at winter sites between October and March.

UK Status

Around 40 breeding pairs and 1,000 birds overwintering

VC55 Status

Scarce winter and passage visitor

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