Southern Oak Bush-cricket - Meconema meridionale


    Adult 14 to 17 mm in length. It is only readily separated from the Oak Bush-cricket as an adult, because the wings remain as tiny flaps. Even at this stage it could be overlooked as a large nymph of our commoner species.

    Identification difficulty

    An arboreal species found in oak woodland but also on other deciduous trees and on hedgerow shrubs.

    When to see it


    Life History

    Carnivorous, arboreal and nocturnal, it is a predator of the Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner.

    UK Status

    A recent British colonist, first recorded from Surrey and Berkshire in 2001, and already recorded as far north as Nottinghamshire by 2012. This follows a well-documented expansion from southern Europe over the past few decades.

    VC55 Status

    Rare in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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    Leicestershire & Rutland Map

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