Stenopsocus stigmaticus


Usually with a green abdomen and a dark band along posterior margin of the pterostigma.

Similar Species
  • Readily distinguished from the two other British Stenopsocus species (S. immaculatus and S. lachlani) by dark band along posterior margin of pterostigma and fore wing vein Cu2 glabrous.
  • S. stigmaticus more frequently has a green abdomen than the other European Stenopsocus species, S. immaculatus and S. lachlani (the green colour is caused by the dissolution of chlorophyll in the blood).
Identification difficulty
ID guidance
  • green abdomen
  • dark band along posterior margin of pterostigma

Has been found mainly on Hawthorn but also on other deciduous tree species.

When to see it

May to November.

UK Status

This is a rather infrequent species. Existing records indicate that S. stigmaticus is widespread in England though it is progressively more localised further north and is absent from Scotland. There are no records for Ireland.

VC55 Status

Infrequent in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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