Stictopleurus abutilon


Length 7 to 8 mm.  Two Stictopleurus species have recently become well-established in the UK which had previously been quite rare here. The genus is characterised by the banded connexivum and the spatulate tip to the scutellum. The two species are very similar and best separated with reference to the fine detail of the pronotum. In S. abutilon, the dark marks behind the anterior margin take the form of two full circles (half circles in S. punctatonervosus). There is also a narrow impunctate band in front of these markings.  Note that these characters are not always easy to discern.

Identification difficulty

Dry grassland habitats.

When to see it

Adult: All year; new generation complete by August.

UK Status

The distribution was initially centred around the Thames gateway area of Kent and Essex, but this species is now found throughout much of southern England.

VC55 Status

Status in Leicestershire and Rutland not known.

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