Strawberry Snail - Trochulus striolatus


10mm but can grow larger. Shell colour ranges from dirty yellowish-brown through chestnut brown or even a purplish-grey. It usually has five or six whorls and has a slightly raised spire. It has coarse growth ridges running across each whorl and a deep umbilicus.

Identification difficulty
ID guidance
  • adults 10mm or more
  • many coarse growth ridges across each whorl
  • slight 'shoulder' or keel on the shell rim - sometimes showing as a paler line
  • white ridge inside the mouth
Recording advice

Unless identified by a recognised expert, a photo is required. If the photo doesn't show the key ID features then in the comments box describe the size and identifying characters you have observed.


Any well-vegetated habitat, especially in lower-lying areas with plenty of moisture.

When to see it

Mainly nocturnal, but can be found feeding in the daytime, especially after rain.

Life History

Feeds on a wide range of low vegetation, including strawberries, lettuce plants as well as the foliage of many garden flowers.

UK Status

Common and widespread throughout most of Britain.

VC55 Status

Common in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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