Tibellus oblongus


Quite a large (about 10 mm) and elongate pale creamy brown spider with various markings, and usually a darker stripe down the centre of the abdomen. The males look similar to the females although their bodies are slimmer.

Similar Species

Similar to T. maritimus, which whilst commoner in dunes and coastal areas can be found inland. These species can only be separated by examination of the genitals of mature specimens. 

Identification difficulty
Recording advice

Confirmation of this species: "Requires examination at high magnification in good lighting, typically examination of the genitalia." Bee, L., Oxford, G., & Smith, H. (2020). Britain's Spiders: A Field Guide. Second Edition. Princeton University Press.


T. oblongus occurs in a variety of dry or damp habitats, ranging from sand-hills to grassland of most types, though longer herbage seems to be preferred.

When to see it

Adults of both sexes are found mainly May to July, females persisting occasionally into the autumn.

UK Status

The species is widespread and frequent in much of the southern half of Britain, but the distribution becomes scattered in the west and north.

VC55 Status

Fairly frequent in Leicestershire and Rutland.

Further Information

3917 British records to Jan 2013

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