Torymus bedeguaris


The female Torymus bedeguaris wasp measures 2.2 to5.3 mm, with an average of 4.0mm excluding ovipositor which is actually longer than her body. The male is slightly smaller at 1.8 to 4 mm. It is an attractive insect with metallic green thorax and bronzy red or green abdomen. Legs are a dull milky yellow colour.

Identification difficulty

Visits the galls of Cynipid wasps and also feeds on flowers such as Tansy.

When to see it

Late summer.

Life History

The ovipositor is so long that when the female Torymus bedeguaris lands on the gall, she can push it through the gall to deposit her eggs inside. When these hatch her larvae will parisitise the larvae of the cynipid wasps.

UK Status

Thought to be frequent and widespread in Britain, but badly under recorded.

VC55 Status

Thought to be fairly frequent in Leicestershire and Rutland, but under recorded.

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