Become a Species Champion



"every living thing needs a champion..."

Add your support to NatureSpot's campaign to raise the profile of local wildlife by becoming one of our Species Champions.

You can also make a gift to a friend, relative or colleague by appointing them as the Champion for a wildlife species they care about.

Becoming a Species Champion will help support NatureSpot's important education work - but it is about more than this, it is about making a statement that you care, and having the opportunity to contribute directly to our work.

NatureSpot has profile pages for over 7,000 unique species covering animals, plants and fungi. Choose a species from our website and you can be the exclusive Species Champion for the next 12 months or for as long as wish.

Species Champion - minimum donation £20 (min £40 with a statement page)

  • add your name* to the NatureSpot species page as the current Species Champion (*you can remain anonymous if preferred)
  • option to help us improve the the species page by researching and proposing more details
  • option to contribute to an action plan for the species, and others like it
  • join our gallery of Species Champions
  • feel good about supporting our wildlife charity and making your own contribution to nature conservation

In addition to all the benefits above, you can also have your own personal statement page, linked from the species page. Here you can explain why the species is important to you, what you feel about the natural environment and suggest actions we can take to help both the species you've chosen and wildlife in general. Personal statements like this are powerful messages, often inspiring others to action. You can personalise your statement page in several ways: add a photo of yourself, or one that you have taken either of your species or that represents your connection to nature. If you are arty, why not add a drawing or painting of your species. If desired, you can also include a link to your social media account (for obvious reasons, we reserve the right to refuse any content that it isn't consistent with NatureSpot's mission).

Next steps:

1. Choose the species you want to champion and email us at

2. Make your donation on our fundraising page

  • minimum £20 to be the exclusive Species Champion for the next 12 months
  • minimum £40 if you would also like your own 'statement' page on NatureSpot

species champion

Lifetime Species Champion - minimum donation £250

To make a more significant contribution, you can be permanently recorded as the Species Champion on our website. You can have all the benefits and options listed above, and can continue adding to your statement page over time. You will remain listed as a Champion for as long as NatureSpot exists! Please email us if you are interested in this option:

Lifetime Species Champion logo

In Memorium

Recognising the love that someone had for nature could be a lovely way to mark their life and to enable their passion for wildlife to continue. Get in touch to find out how we can offer a fitting tribute, email

Other ways to help

If the Species Champion idea doesn't appeal, there are other ways you can help.

  • Make a simple donation (gift aid is automatically reclaimed from the government to boost your donation by 25%)
  • Consider leaving NatureSpot a legacy in your will
  • Contribute some time and volunteer to help