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    Total species seen at this site: 122


    This delightful arts and crafts cottage is nestled into a Charnwood hillside amidst acid grassland and shrubs. There is also a large semi-natural oak woodland which is open to visitors.

    Wildlife Highlights

    The garden is semi-natural and has much wildlife interest. The bird feeders by the house and cafe attract Coal Tits and Nuthatches as well as a range of other species. The grassland contains a number of interesting floral species, including Pignut. Invertebrates abound and Stoneywell is one of the very few places in Leicestershire where the spectacular Ashy-grey Slug has been found.


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    Further Information
    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Yellow-barred Long-hornNemophora degeerella13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Arion ater agg.13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Dusky SlugArion subfuscus13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Heath BedstrawGalium saxatile13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Striped MillipedeOmmatoiulus sabulosus13/06/2019David Nicholls
    PignutConopodium majus13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Platybunus triangularis13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Wood SageTeucrium scorodonia13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Wood-sorrelOxalis acetosella13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Minettia inusta13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Formica lemani13/06/2019David Nicholls
    Pine LadybirdExochomus quadripustulatus21/08/2018David Nicholls
    Alder TongueTaphrina alni21/08/2018David Nicholls
    Heath BedstrawGalium saxatile21/08/2018David Nicholls