This table shows recorders ordered by the number of records they have contributed to the NatureSpot database and the number of species these records cover. Click on the column headers to order each list, click again to reverse the order.

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    Recorder Total no. of species Total no. of records
    Adrian Russell184191
    Dave Robbins56174
    Schou, Bertil134173
    muddimer, dan79172
    Boud, Susan80171
    Hall, Geoffrey169170
    Hamzaoui, Uta144164
    Steve Woodward144163
    Adrian Rundle62162
    Morson, Dorothy114155
    Ian Retson68154
    Hulbert, Deb42154
    MBNHS;Steve Woodward153153
    Jeffery, Richard111153
    Ivan Pedley99152
    Anthony Fletcher77149
    Rayner, Glen134148
    Rayner, Celia88146
    Donovan, Lindsi127145
    Thomson, Catherine142142
    cconway 1
    Glyn Clarke 1
    Jel 1
    Mick Smith 1
    Nerini 1
    Catherine Thomson 1
    Margaret Stevens 1
    John E Fletcher 1
    Derek Spicer 1
    Lyndsey Pollard 1
    Monica Shooter 1
    Andy Lear 1
    Janet M 1
    nature_bat 1
    Chris Hubbard 1
    siancheverton 1
    Graham and Anona Finch 1
    Melinda Bell 1