Albert Village Lake, Pick Triangle

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 370


    This area contains two very different sites, Albert Village Lake which includes a large expanse of open water excellent for a wide range of notable birds and Pick Triangle, an attractive 30 hectare young woodland. Both sites have been created on land reclaimed after coal and clay extraction.

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Aulagromyza tremulae03/11/2018sue
    Heliozela resplendella03/11/2018sue
    Phyllocoptes populi03/11/2018sue
    Common EarthballScleroderma citrinum03/11/2018sue
    Aspen PigmyStigmella assimilella03/11/2018sue
    Sallow PigmyStigmella salicis03/11/2018sue
    Willow TarspotRhytisma salicinum03/11/2018sue
    Virgin PigmyEctoedemia argyropeza03/11/2018sue
    Iteomyia major03/11/2018sue
    Common Alder MidgetPhyllonorycter rajella03/11/2018sue
    Small Alder MidgetPhyllonorycter stettinensis03/11/2018sue
    Agromyza nana03/11/2018sue
    Wood PigeonColumba palumbus16/02/2018Steve Mathers
    BlackbirdTurdus merula16/02/2018Steve Mathers
    MagpiePica pica16/02/2018Steve Mathers