Asfordby Hill

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    Getting There

    Just to the west of Melton, it is reached from the A6006 in the village of Asfordby Hill.

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 174


    This is an old industrial site, comprised of a sandy soil which is the result of the historic dumping of waste materials from the nearby steel works. It is a mosaic of wildflower-rich grassland and scrub.

    Wildlife Highlights

    This is a superb butterfly site and one of the few places in Leicestershire where you can see Grizzled and Dingy Skippers. It is also an interesting site for wildflowers and insects in general.

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Bees, Wasps, AntsRed Banded Sand WaspAmmophila sabulosa12/08/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsGrey Mining BeeAndrena cineraria23/04/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsTawny Mining BeeAndrena fulva23/04/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsAndrena nigroaenea23/04/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsRed-tailed BumblebeeBombus lapidarius23/04/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsCommon Carder BumblebeeBombus pascuorum23/04/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsBuff-tailed BumblebeeBombus terrestris23/04/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsSand Tailed Digger WaspCerceris arenaria07/08/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsBedeguar Gall WaspDiplolepis rosae08/10/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsRed Legged Spider WaspEpisyron rufipes12/08/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsNegro AntFormica fusca28/06/2019
    Bees, Wasps, AntsFormica lemani28/06/2019
    Bees, Wasps, AntsGymnomerus laevipes22/05/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsHedychrum niemelai07/08/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsIchneumon sarcitorius03/01/2020
    Bees, Wasps, AntsYellow Meadow AntLasius flavus23/04/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsBee WolfPhilanthus triangulum06/08/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsCommon WaspVespula vulgaris04/06/2015
    BeetlesCalathus melanocephalus03/01/2020
    Beetles7 Spot LadybirdCoccinella septempunctata07/09/2014
    BeetlesHister unicolor28/06/2019
    BeetlesLesser Clover Leaf WeevilHypera nigrirostris03/01/2020
    BeetlesLoricera pilicornis03/01/2020
    BeetlesOedemera lurida04/06/2015
    BeetlesPhilonthus cognatus03/01/2020
    BeetlesPhilonthus varians03/01/2020
    BeetlesStrawberry Root WeevilSciaphilus asperatus03/01/2020
    BirdsBuzzardButeo buteo23/04/2016
    BirdsRed KiteMilvus milvus03/01/2020
    BugsCapsus ater28/06/2019