Charley Woods

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 204


    This reserve is owned by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and covers 26.8 ha. The display of bluebells in Burrow Wood in the spring is an impressive sight  and it also has a great variety of dead wood habitats, from standing dead trees to rotting fallen trees and branches, which are important for insects.

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Entomobrya intermedia02/06/2019AJ Cann
    24 Spot LadybirdSubcoccinella vigintiquattuorpunctata02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Bishop's Mitre ShieldbugAelia acuminata02/06/2019AJ Cann
    BogbeanMenyanthes trifoliata02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Criomorphus albomarginatus agg.02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Entelecara acuminata02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Gold SwiftPhymatopus hecta02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Kaestneria pullata02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Metellina mengei02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Neottiura bimaculata02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Nursery Web SpiderPisaura mirabilis02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Turf Running-spiderPhilodromus cespitum02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Tetragnatha montana02/06/2019AJ Cann
    Brown Silver-linePetrophora chlorosata30/05/2019egaten
    Meadow Long-hornCauchas rufimitrella30/05/2019egaten
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