County Hall, Glenfield

    Wildlife Highlights

    The mown grassland areas and specimen trees around the buildings support a number interesting fungi. Several old hedgerows also run through and around the site. A semi-natural area behind the new all-weather sports area is particularly good for insects and is the area where many of the records on this page are from.

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 640


    This is a private site comprising the offices and grounds of Leicestershire County Council including a belt of mature woodlands between the site and the Gynsils. Though we usually only include sites with public access, we have included it partly because over 2,500 staff have access to the area and the many visitors see parts of it and also because the grounds include areas of notable wildlife interest including the County Hall Oak Local Wildlife Site

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Bees, Wasps, AntsIchneumon extensorius19/05/2010
    BeetlesAmara ovata19/05/2010
    HoverfliesRhingia campestris19/05/2010
    Lacewings & ScorpionfliesChrysopa perla19/05/2010
    MothsBordered MarbleEndothenia marginana19/05/2010
    BugsSpiked ShieldbugPicromerus bidens01/09/2010
    BugsBlue ShieldbugZicrona caerulea01/09/2010
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesThistle Gall FlyUrophora cardui01/09/2010
    BeetlesThistle Tortoise BeetleCassida rubiginosa22/03/2011
    BeetlesGreen Dock BeetleGastrophysa viridula22/03/2011
    SawfliesAglaostigma aucupariae22/03/2011
    WildflowersMugwortArtemisia vulgaris03/10/2011
    WildflowersCommon OracheAtriplex patula03/10/2011
    WildflowersFat-henChenopodium album03/10/2011
    WildflowersMany-seeded GoosefootChenopodium polyspermum03/10/2011
    WildflowersBristly OxtongueHelminthotheca echioides03/10/2011
    WildflowersLarge-flowered Evening-primroseOenothera glazioviana03/10/2011
    WildflowersScentless MayweedTripleurospermum inodorum03/10/2011
    WildflowersCommon WhitlowgrassErophila verna29/02/2012
    MothsLittle GreyEudonia lacustrata22/07/2013
    Spiders, Harvestmen & MitesSnake-back SpiderSegestria senoculata10/09/2013
    MothsGreen Silver-linesPseudoips prasinana04/10/2013
    ButterfliesSmall WhitePieris rapae08/10/2013
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesPolyporivora ornata15/10/2013
    FungiSycamore TarspotRhytisma acerinum15/10/2013
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersHawthornCrataegus monogyna15/10/2013
    Bees, Wasps, AntsGelis areator agg.17/10/2013
    Slugs & SnailsGarden SlugArion hortensis17/10/2013
    Barklice & BookliceValenzuela flavidus18/10/2013
    BirdsMagpiePica pica21/10/2013