Croft Pasture

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    Getting There

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    The reserve lies on both banks of the River Soar on the northern edge of Croft Village, about 12 km southwest of Leicester. Park on the minor road near the Heathcote Arms (SP 511960). Walk up Station Road to the entrance track, which is on the right. N. B. The site is liable to flooding after heavy rain.

    This reserve is easily accessible by public transport to Croft village, contact Traveline for further information or phone 0871 200 22 33.

    Managed By
    Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 283


    This Wildlife Trust reserve was glebe land, and is mainly unimproved grazing, with the exception of the south eastern corner, which has been top-dressed at some time in the past. The River Soar runs northwards and eastwards across the reserve, and was excluded from the 'improvement' when much of the upper Soar was deepened and canalised in the early 1970s. Habitats include running water, river bank, and neutral and siliceous (sandy) grassland. The main form of management is by grazing with livestock, supplemented by slashing back of nettles, thistles, etc, in some years.

    Wildlife Highlights

    The major interest lies in the grassland flora. Birds-foot grows at the top of the cliff at the eastern side of the reserve, near Station Road, while wild clary can be seen below the boundary wall in the north eastern corner. A small rocky knoll in the field north of the river supports many uncommon species, including upright chickweed, meadow saxifrage, common stork's-bill and subterranean clover.

    Further Information
    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Small Black AntLasius niger05/04/2020GavinGamble
    Yellow Meadow AntLasius flavus05/04/2020GavinGamble
    Negro AntFormica fusca05/04/2020GavinGamble
    Myrmica scabrinodis05/04/2020GavinGamble
    Great Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopos major30/03/2020Hands_anthony
    Knotted CloverTrifolium striatum17/06/2019Sally Cunningham
    Mouse-ear-hawkweedPilosella officinarum17/06/2019Sally Cunningham
    PignutConopodium majus17/06/2019Sally Cunningham
    White CloverTrifolium repens17/06/2019Sally Cunningham
    YarrowAchillea millefolium17/06/2019Sally Cunningham
    Bulbous ButtercupRanunculus bulbosus17/06/2019Sally Cunningham
    FoxgloveDigitalis purpurea17/06/2019Sally Cunningham
    HemlockConium maculatum17/06/2019Sally Cunningham
    Spear ThistleCirsium vulgare17/06/2019Sally Cunningham
    Dove's-foot Crane's-billGeranium molle17/06/2019Sally Cunningham

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    BugsDeraeocoris lutescens06/08/2009
    BugsGorse LacebugDictyonota strichnocera06/08/2009
    FliesBrown Heath RobberflyMachimus cingulatus06/08/2009
    LichensPeltigera hymenina06/08/2009
    BeetlesLarch LadybirdAphidecta obliterata20/05/2010
    BugsStriped Oak BugRhabdomiris striatellus04/06/2010
    LichensXanthoparmelia conspersa09/08/2011
    FliesCleg FlyHaematopota pluvialis10/08/2012
    FungiEntomophthora muscae10/08/2012
    Bees, Wasps, AntsCommon Bee WaspNomada ruficornis02/05/2013
    BirdsReed BuntingEmberiza schoeniclus02/05/2013
    MothsHawthorn SlenderParornix anglicella02/05/2013
    SpidersPardosa amentata02/05/2013
    SpidersSalticus scenicus02/05/2013
    WildflowersCommon WhitlowgrassErophila verna02/05/2013
    WildflowersMeadow SaxifrageSaxifraga granulata02/05/2013
    WildflowersWall SpeedwellVeronica arvensis02/05/2013
    Bees, Wasps, AntsGooden's Nomad BeeNomada goodeniana06/05/2013
    Bees, Wasps, AntsNomada lathburiana06/05/2013
    BeetlesOntholestes murinus06/05/2013
    WildflowersUpright ChickweedMoenchia erecta06/05/2013
    BugsGorse ShieldbugPiezodorus lituratus16/04/2014
    HoverfliesRhingia campestris16/04/2014
    MothsGrey Gorse PiercerCydia ulicetana16/04/2014
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersOregon-grapeMahonia aquifolium16/04/2014
    WildflowersCuckooflowerCardamine pratensis16/04/2014
    WildflowersHonestyLunaria annua16/04/2014
    Bees, Wasps, AntsEarly Mining BeeAndrena haemorrhoa09/05/2014
    Bees, Wasps, AntsSpangle Gall WaspNeuroterus quercusbaccarum09/05/2014
    BeetlesApion rubens09/05/2014