Getting There

    Nearest post code LE65 1RT

    The reserve lies at the head of Staunton Harold Reservoir near Calke Abbey. It is best approached via the B587, north from the A42 Ashby junction. Follow the road for 2 km past Staunton Harold Hall, take the first left turn towards Calke and park in the Picnic Area car park, which is on the left before reaching the reservoir.  Access to the reserve is about 290m beyond the bridge over the reservoir.

    Managed By
    Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 128


    This reserve is partly in Derbyshire and partly in Leicestershire, and is owned by Severn Trent Water and managed by the Wildlife Trust. It covers 23.5 ha and is part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The path around the reserve is almost all through mixed woodland. The area around the entrance is hawthorn scrub. The geology gives rise to a varied flora and the general mixture of habitat types results in a very varied insect fauna. Deer are occasionally seen on the reserve and the birdlife is typical of broadleaved woodland. The Laundry Pool, which acts as a settling pond for the Calke Brook, contains large pike and perch. (Fishing is not allowed.) In January / February, a large number of snowdrops bloom at the south-western end of the reserve.



    Nature reserve (Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust)

    Site of Special Scientific Interest

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesAgromyza albitarsis29/07/2019
    BirdsMandarinAix galericulata17/03/2016
    BirdsKingfisherAlcedo atthis21/08/2015
    WildflowersRamsonsAllium ursinum15/03/2014
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersAlderAlnus glutinosa07/01/2018
    BirdsMallardAnas platyrhynchos15/03/2014
    WildflowersWild AngelicaAngelica sylvestris21/08/2015
    BirdsGreat White EgretArdea alba19/02/2019
    Slugs & SnailsDusky SlugArion subfuscus15/03/2014
    WildflowersLords-and-LadiesArum maculatum25/02/2018
    LichensAspicilia caesiocinerea15/03/2014
    Ferns & HorsetailsHart's-tongueAsplenium scolopendrium07/01/2018
    FungiJelly Ear FungusAuricularia auricula-judae07/02/2016
    BirdsTufted DuckAythya fuligula21/02/2015
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersSilver BirchBetula pendula07/01/2018
    Mosses & LiverwortsRough-stalked Feather-mossBrachythecium rutabulum07/01/2018
    AmphibiansCommon ToadBufo bufo21/08/2015
    Mosses & LiverwortsPointed Spear-mossCalliergonella cuspidata15/03/2014
    LichensCaloplaca crenulatella15/03/2014
    LichensCaloplaca teicholyta15/03/2014
    MothsHorse-chestnut Leaf MinerCameraria ohridella09/08/2018
    WildflowersHarebellCampanula rotundifolia15/08/2017
    FungiShaggy ParasolChlorophyllum rhacodes15/08/2017
    WildflowersOpposite-leaved Golden SaxifrageChrysosplenium oppositifolium07/02/2016
    LichensCollema crispum15/03/2014
    Mosses & LiverwortsGreat Scented LiverwortConocephalum conicum s.l.15/03/2014
    FungiFairy InkcapCoprinellus disseminatus21/08/2015
    BirdsRavenCorvus corax24/02/2016
    BirdsCarrion CrowCorvus corone09/08/2018
    FungiKing Alfred's CakesDaldinia concentrica31/01/2019