Fishpond Plantation

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 121


    In 2004 Fishpond Plantation was bought by the Parish Council on behalf of the village with villagers’ donations and grants from Leicestershire County Council and Charnwood Borough Council. The Plantation is close to the centre of the village and covers 1.6 hectares; all that remains of a larger wood. There has been woodland here for at least 300 years, probably due to the area being quarried for gypsum and then being unsuitable for agriculture. The ponds are thought to be remnants of the quarry pits. The present area of the wood was clear felled during World War II because it was in line with the north-south runway of Wymeswold Airfield. So now the woodland comprises many self-sown sycamores, ash, wych elm and beech, with an understory of yew and holly at the northeastern end around the ponds. 

    Wildlife Highlights

    There is a succession of woodland flowers including snowdrops, celandines, violets, wood anemones and bluebells. To date, surveys of flora have found over 60 species.  More than 30 species of birds have also been observed.  The Plantation is also known to be the home for amphibians including the Great Crested Newt.

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    WrenTroglodytes troglodytes17/04/2019Catherine Thomson
    PrimrosePrimula vulgaris17/04/2019Catherine Thomson
    Wood Forget-me-notMyosotis sylvatica17/04/2019Catherine Thomson
    Field MapleAcer campestre07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    Norway MapleAcer platanoides07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    SycamoreAcer pseudoplatanus07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    Horse-chestnutAesculus hippocastanum07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    Creeping BentAgrostis stolonifera07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    Garlic MustardAlliaria petiolata07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    Scarlet PimpernelLysimachia arvensis07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    Cow ParsleyAnthriscus sylvestris07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    Lesser BurdockArctium minus07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    Lords-and-LadiesArum maculatum07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    Hart's-tongueAsplenium scolopendrium07/05/2016Catherine Thomson
    False-bromeBrachypodium sylvaticum07/05/2016Catherine Thomson

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Woodlice, CrustaceansCommon Rough WoodlousePorcellio scaber07/05/2016
    WildflowersGarlic MustardAlliaria petiolata07/05/2016
    WildflowersCow ParsleyAnthriscus sylvestris07/05/2016
    WildflowersLesser BurdockArctium minus07/05/2016
    WildflowersLords-and-LadiesArum maculatum07/05/2016
    WildflowersWavy Bitter-cressCardamine flexuosa07/05/2016
    WildflowersSticky Mouse-earCerastium glomeratum07/05/2016
    WildflowersCreeping ThistleCirsium arvense07/05/2016
    WildflowersBlack BryonyDioscorea communis07/05/2016
    WildflowersGreat WillowherbEpilobium hirsutum07/05/2016
    WildflowersBroad-leaved WillowherbEpilobium montanum07/05/2016
    WildflowersHoary WillowherbEpilobium parviflorum07/05/2016
    WildflowersLesser CelandineFicaria verna07/05/2016
    WildflowersSnowdropGalanthus nivalis07/05/2016
    WildflowersCleaversGalium aparine07/05/2016
    WildflowersHerb-RobertGeranium robertianum07/05/2016
    WildflowersGround-ivyGlechoma hederacea07/05/2016
    WildflowersHogweedHeracleum sphondylium07/05/2016
    WildflowersBluebellHyacinthoides non-scripta07/05/2016
    WildflowersStinking IrisIris foetidissima07/05/2016
    WildflowersYellow IrisIris pseudacorus07/05/2016
    WildflowersCommon RagwortJacobaea vulgaris07/05/2016
    WildflowersYellow ArchangelLamiastrum galeobdolon07/05/2016
    WildflowersWhite Dead-nettleLamium album07/05/2016
    WildflowersNipplewortLapsana communis07/05/2016
    WildflowersPurple ToadflaxLinaria purpurea07/05/2016
    WildflowersScarlet PimpernelLysimachia arvensis07/05/2016
    WildflowersBlack MedickMedicago lupulina07/05/2016
    WildflowersBalmMelissa officinalis07/05/2016
    WildflowersWater MintMentha aquatica07/05/2016