Fosse Meadows, Sharnford

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    Getting There

    Near to the village of Sharnford in south Leicestershire, the site is located on the old Fosse Way




      LE10 3AB

    Managed By
    Blaby District Council
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 631


    This site of approximately 20 acres was opened in 1993 with extensive grassland, woodland, ponds and a small lake with a bird hide. The areas of woodland are maturing well now and the whole site supports a rich diversity supporting good populations of birds and insects.

    Wildlife Highlights

    The site offers good habitat for a wide range of birds, though isn't special for any particular species. The old hedgerows, grassland and developing woodland do make this a particularly interesting site for insects and other invertebrates. A man made bank at the edge of the main lake is used by Sand Martins.

    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Drymus ryei07/03/2020Mark Skevington
    Netted SlugDeroceras reticulatum07/03/2020Mark Skevington
    Orchesella villosa07/03/2020Mark Skevington
    Notiophilus biguttatus07/03/2020Mark Skevington
    Loricera pilicornis07/03/2020Mark Skevington
    Anthobium atrocephalum07/03/2020Mark Skevington
    Emerald DamselflyLestes sponsa07/08/2019Adrian Baker
    Marbled WhiteMelanargia galathea02/08/2019rodmcmichael
    Frizzled PincushionUlota phyllantha23/05/2019Graham Calow
    Heterocordylus genistae23/05/2019Graham Calow
    Parent BugElasmucha grisea23/05/2019Graham Calow
    Viburnum BeetlePyrrhalta viburni23/05/2019Graham Calow
    Euophryum confine23/05/2019Graham Calow
    Acupalpus meridianus23/05/2019Graham Calow
    Wireworm Click BeetleAgriotes obscurus23/05/2019Graham Calow

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    AmphibiansCommon ToadBufo bufo09/04/2017
    AmphibiansCommon FrogRana temporaria28/05/2016
    Bees, Wasps, AntsGrey Mining BeeAndrena cineraria20/07/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsArtichoke Gall WaspAndricus foecundatrix18/10/2018
    Bees, Wasps, AntsCola-nut GallAndricus lignicola08/05/2017
    Bees, Wasps, AntsGarden BumblebeeBombus hortorum05/04/2018
    Bees, Wasps, AntsTree BumblebeeBombus hypnorum05/04/2018
    Bees, Wasps, AntsRed-tailed BumblebeeBombus lapidarius08/07/2011
    Bees, Wasps, AntsWhite-tailed Bumble BeeBombus lucorum agg.20/07/2015
    Bees, Wasps, AntsCommon Carder BumblebeeBombus pascuorum29/04/2013
    Bees, Wasps, AntsEarly BumblebeeBombus pratorum21/05/2014
    Bees, Wasps, AntsBuff-tailed BumblebeeBombus terrestris13/03/2014
    Bees, Wasps, AntsVestal Cuckoo BumblebeeBombus vestalis21/05/2014
    Bees, Wasps, AntsSmooth Pea Gall WaspDiplolepis eglanteriae/nervosa31/10/2017
    Bees, Wasps, AntsSputnik Gall WaspDiplolepis nervosa31/10/2017
    Bees, Wasps, AntsBedeguar Gall WaspDiplolepis rosae27/08/2014
    Bees, Wasps, AntsSilk Button Gall WaspNeuroterus numismalis20/08/2013
    Bees, Wasps, AntsSpangle Gall WaspNeuroterus quercusbaccarum14/09/2012
    Bees, Wasps, AntsOphion scutellaris24/03/2011
    BeetlesAcupalpus meridianus23/05/2019
    BeetlesWireworm Click BeetleAgriotes obscurus23/05/2019
    BeetlesAnaglyptus mysticus28/05/2018
    BeetlesAndrion regensteinense17/10/2014
    BeetlesAnthobium atrocephalum07/03/2020
    BeetlesHazel Leaf-rollerApoderus coryli28/05/2018
    BeetlesBembidion guttula26/03/2019
    BeetlesCassida viridis20/05/2010
    BeetlesChrysolina polita22/05/2014
    BeetlesChrysolina staphylaea31/05/2014
    BeetlesWasp BeetleClytus arietis28/05/2016