Gresley Wood, Tunnel Wood, Princess Diana Wood

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 215


    These three woodlands make up an area of mixed aged trees, hedgerows, grasslands and open space.  Gresley Wood is a 42 hectare site with a history of farming and opencast mining. Tunnel Woods is community woodland and both of these sites are owned by the Forestry Commission. The neighbouring Princess Diana Wood is a developing woodland with excellent access and is owned by the National Forest Charitable Trust.

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Small SkipperThymelicus sylvestris11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    Harlequin LadybirdHarmonia axyridis11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    Common Spike-rushEleocharis palustris11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    GatekeeperPyronia tithonus11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    Meadow BrownManiola jurtina11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    RingletAphantopus hyperantus11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    Perennial Rye-grassLolium perenne11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    False Oat-grassArrhenatherum elatius11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    Common CouchElymus repens11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    Yorkshire-fogHolcus lanatus11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    Crested Dog's-tailCynosurus cristatus11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    TimothyPhleum pratense11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    AspenPopulus tremula11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    Large SkipperOchlodes sylvanus11/07/2019Melinda Bell
    MagpiePica pica11/07/2019Melinda Bell