Highway Spinney, Leicester

    Wildlife Highlights

    There is a good range of mature trees, including oak, ash and wild cherry which contain woodpecker and rotten holes that support birds, insects and fungi,   The structure of the wood is well developed and continues to support a range of ground flora including a few ancient woodland wildflowers such as Wood Anenome and Wood Sorrel. A number of fungi can be found in the Autumn.

    The Friends Group hold a regular Bird Watching event in spring and Fungi forage in autumn which has built up a reasonable amount of data over time.

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 29


    Highway Spinney is a semi-natural broad leaved woodland and was designated a Local Wildlife Site in 1999. It lies at the edge of Leicester and is separated from its sister woodland, Meynell's Gorse, by Hinckley Road. Conservation work is undertaken by the Friends of Highway Spinney, supported by the council’s Leicester Environmental Volunteers.  Previously support was provided to the Group by Groundwork Leicester and Leicestershire and The Conservation Volunteers.

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Rose-ringed ParakeetPsittacula krameri19/12/2018G D McPhail
    Grey SquirrelSciurus carolinensis19/12/2018G D McPhail
    Wood PigeonColumba palumbus19/12/2018G D McPhail
    RobinErithacus rubecula19/12/2018G D McPhail
    Song ThrushTurdus philomelos04/07/2017G D McPhail
    Great Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopos major15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    GoldcrestRegulus regulus15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    Blue TitCyanistes caeruleus15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    RobinErithacus rubecula15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    Wood PigeonColumba palumbus15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    ChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybita15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    Song ThrushTurdus philomelos15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    NuthatchSitta europaea15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    Great TitParus major15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    WrenTroglodytes troglodytes15/04/2017Rita Yeomans
    Further Information
    Getting There

    The site is open access and can be gained off Braunstone Lane at the corner of Braunstone crossroads or to the south off Wyatts Close and to the east near to Meadwell Road.  Parking is limited in the immediate area, but Meynell’s Gorse Park & Ride is located north of Braunstone crossroads and is easily accessible.