Sence Valley Forest Park

    Getting There

    North of Ibstock on the A447 Ravenstone Road, LE67 6NW, North West Leicestershire.

    Managed By
    The Forestry Commission
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 174


    This 60-hectare site is a former open-cast coal mine, which has been transformed with extensive tree planting and the creation of lakes, interlinked with a series of paths. There are good facilities for disabled visitors. At the centre of the site are a series of small lakes, some managed for wildlife and some for fishing. A hide overlooks one of the lakes. Large areas of conifers and mixed deciduous trees have been planted so this habitat should improve over time.

    Wildlife Highlights

    The Park has become a good site for birds at all times of year. There is normally a reasonable variety of ducks and other waterfowl and often a few waders, both by the water and in the adjacent fields. In winter stonechat is a usual visitor and short-eared owls can often be seen. It is a hotspot for birds migrating in spring where Wheatear and Whinchat can be seen most years.

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    BirdsKestrelFalco tinnunculus04/11/2019
    FungiPestle PuffballLycoperdon excipuliforme04/11/2019
    FungiButter CapRhodocollybia butyracea04/11/2019
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesPhytomyza leucanthemi03/11/2019
    AmphibiansSmooth NewtLissotriton vulgaris17/10/2019
    FungiClouded FunnelClitocybe nebularis17/10/2019
    FungiSaffron MilkcapLactarius deliciosus17/10/2019
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesDasineura rosae08/09/2019
    FungiAlder TongueTaphrina alni08/09/2019
    MothsHeliozela resplendella08/09/2019
    MothsPear Leaf Blister MothLeucoptera malifoliella08/09/2019
    MothsPointed SlenderParornix finitimella08/09/2019
    MothsBuff-tipPhalera bucephala08/09/2019
    SawfliesAlder SawflyEriocampa ovata08/09/2019
    SawfliesPlatycampus luridiventris08/09/2019
    ButterfliesPeacockAglais io07/07/2019
    Dragonflies and DamselfliesBlack-tailed SkimmerOrthetrum cancellatum07/07/2019
    Dragonflies and DamselfliesRuddy DarterSympetrum sanguineum07/07/2019
    Flies, Gnats and MidgesContarinia petioli07/07/2019
    Mites, Ticks & PseudoscorpionsAculus laevis07/07/2019
    Mites, Ticks & PseudoscorpionsPhyllocoptes populi07/07/2019
    MothsDusty Apple PigmyBohemannia pulverosella07/07/2019
    MothsYarrow PlumeGillmeria pallidactyla07/07/2019
    MothsLittle CosmetMompha raschkiella07/07/2019
    MothsBroad-bordered Yellow UnderwingNoctua fimbriata07/07/2019
    MothsShaded Broad-barScotopteryx chenopodiata07/07/2019
    SawfliesEuropean Alder LeafminerFenusa dohrnii07/07/2019
    AmphibiansCommon ToadBufo bufo26/06/2019
    BirdsWood PigeonColumba palumbus26/06/2019
    BirdsReed BuntingEmberiza schoeniclus26/06/2019